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NEW- 3 to 1 BALL/PIN PROTECTORS right hand side #10003bppR WITH FACE PLATE patent approved!

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 Its good to see  my fellow Brunswick mechanics/Its a great honor to be able to bring my parts to the Brunswick  parts industry.Mechanics have not had the opportunity  to STOP the BALL damage caused by the ball wheel EDGE. Until now there were no parts available that stopped contact between ball/ball elevator edge! I have had the final prototype in my 24 lane center since 2005 and we have had 0.00 negative revenue due to ball damage!This first part design is modified  to allow a [safe landing pad] for the bowling balls that get derailed from the ball elevator /lift rods durring delivery to the return track.  lead time no more than two weeks.directly shipped from the manufacturer and  inspected for flaws before placed in an order! This part design is" patent PENDING. I have been a Brunswick mechanic since 1981 on the model A/ A-2 modified Brunswick pinsetters and I have experienced this same ball damage in every center that I have worked at. No matter how hard I rebuilt / maintained the lift rod assy / ball elevator parts!THIS DESIGN PROVIDES TIME to allow the mechanic  to troublshoot the ball return assy. Such as the clapper box, pivot points, lift rod cushion/ ball elevator lower guide rollers/top  guide rollers etc..  this part is 3/8" solid steel! with powder  coated baked on paint that is very durable,All parts have a poly face plate to provide pin protection from scuffs/marking issues! THIS PART COMES WITH A 3 YR  LIMMITED WARRANTY! ALSO THIS PART IS AVAILABLE IN BLACK,GREY/RED- ITS UP TO you. CONTACT ACE MITCHELL FROM YOUR PARTS CATALOG