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hello mechanics of the Brunswick pinsetter industry model A/A-2 frames the first part that I  have developed is called the 3 to 1 BALL/ PIN PROTECTOR! and it works I have had them in my machines SINCE 2012 and I have had no ball damage caused by the inside edge of ball wheel elevator .so try to talk to the owner/management about this new product / feel more atease knowing the ball wheels will no longer damage the customers bowling ball or house balls. we also have 7 pinsetters full of parts that we are parting out ! complete turret assys, moving decks complete. 6 gear boxes with detector,ready to use! quick release top frames!vibrator shafts complete,pit cushions with all parts,lift rods complete,1 hp motors,accel motors,motor mounts,turn pans,pin guides,etc.please call for best price!!!!731-614-1140